Amaravati is the site of an ancient Buddhist center, which was the old capital of the Satvahanas. It is a small village 30km west of Vijayawada on the bank of the Krishna River. There are the remains of the 2,000 year old Great Buddhist Stupa that is believed to have been as large of the one in Sanchi. It had carved pillars, which depicted the pastimes of Lord Buddha.

There is a small interesting archaeological museum (daily except Fri 10 am to 5 pm), which displays some ancient Buddhist carvings and other items.
To get here from Vijayawada you take a bus to Guntur (30 min, every half-hour) and from there take a bus to Amaravati (1½ hr). The trip from Vijayawada via Guntur to Amaravati is 65km. The APTTDC runs a bus tours (Rs 70) and boat tour (Rs 85) to here from Vijayawada.