Forests of Vrindavan

In the Madhuvan forest, Dhruva Maharaja attained the darshan of Lord Vishnu during Satya-yuga. Satrughna, the brother of Lord Rama, made his capital in Madhuvan. There is a Deity of Satrughna on the bank of Krishna Kund. Krishna Kund was made by Krishna striking his flute on the ground. The village Deity is Balarama. His right hand is raised, and he is pitch black. There is a temple dedicated to Narayana and Dhruva Maharaja here. There is also a cave in which the demon Lavanasura lived.

In the Talavan forest Balarama killed Dhenukasura. There is a Deity of Balarama and his consort, Srimati Revati here.

At Kumudvan forest, on the bank of Padma Kund, is a small temple dedicated to Lord Kapila, who performed austerities here during Treta-yuga. Kumud means “water-lilies.” During Krishna’s time, beautiful water lilies grew here. If one takes bath here he acquires all the knowledge of the Vedic literature.

At Bahulavan there is a small temple with Deities of Krishna, Yamaraja, and Bahula carved in the wall.

Krishna killed Bakasura in the Khadiravan forest. On the bank of Maduri Kund (Sangam Kund) are the bhajan kutirs of Lokanath Goswami and Bhugarba Goswami.
At Bhadravan Krishna killed the demon Vatsasura. There is the Bhadri­swara Siva Temple here founded by Vajranabha. In the Bhandirvan forest, Balarama killed the demon Pralam­basura.

Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune, being desirous of attaining the position of a gopi in Vrindavan, stays in the Bilvavan forest performing austerities. There is a Lakshmi temple there.

Lohavan is where Jarasandha was defeated 18 times. There is the Radha Gopinath Temple there. There is also the cave where the demon Lohasura lived. Krishna killed this demon.