Govardhan Hill Parikrama

Govardhan Hill was about 3km (2 miles) high 5,000 years ago, but because of the curse of Pulastya Muni, it is sinking the height of a sesame seed daily. Presently at its highest point the hill is just 25m (80 ft) high.

The parikrama (circumambulation) route is 25km (14 miles). It is a form of worship to walk around Govardhan Hill. Of all the devotees of Lord Krishna, Govardhana Hill is the best because it supplies Krishna and Balarama with all types of necessities.

Devotees take rocks from Govardhan Hill and worship them exactly as they worship the Deity of Krishna in the temple.

After leaving the town of Govardhan, you come to the village of Aniyora. In this village there is a Balarama Temple, which is by Sankarsan Kund. Madhavendra Puri found the Gopalji Deity while staying near here.

Govinda Kund is just after the village of Aniyora. This is where Lord Indra bathed Krishna, after Krishna lifted Govardhan Hill. This kund was made by the bathing ceremony. This Gopalji Deity is now known as Sri Nathji and is now worshiped at Nathdwar in Rajasthan.

At the tail end of Govardhan is Apsara Kund, which is said to have been created when the seven main Apsaras came and bathed Lord Krishna. Govardhan Hill is said to resemble a peacock, so the kund next to Apsara Kund is called Punchari Kund, as this area is the tail (punch) of Govardhan.

In the town of Jatipura, at Sringa Stali, at the middle of the hill, devotees pour milk over a Govardhan shila. The samadhis of Vallabha Acharya and his son Vitthala are located here.