Varsana (Barsana)

This is where Srimati Radharani lived and had many pastimes with Krishna. It is 42km from Mathura. There are four peaks that make up Varsana; each one of these peaks represents a head of Lord Brahma.

On top of one of these hills is the Larily Lal Temple (Sriji Mandir), the temple of the beloved, which is where the original Radha-Krishna Deities of Varsana reside. Vajranabha installed the Deities in this temple. There are colorful pictures on the walls and ceiling, depicting the loving pastimes of Radha and Krishna. This temple is an important place to visit.

At Pila Pokhar Srimati Radharani washed her hands. Because of her touch, the kund turned a golden-yellow color.

At Mayur Kutir (Mor Kutir) there was a dancing contest between Krishna and a peacock. Srimati Radharani judged their abilities. In the small temple of Mayur Kutir there is a painting of Krishna dancing as a peacock.

On the hill next to the main temple, is the Kushal Behari Temple, built by the king of Jaipur at the turn of the century.
Sakara Gully (Sankari Kor) is the spot where Krishna would stop the gopis to steal their yogurt.