Between Varsana & Nandagram

One time as Krishna and Radharani were sitting together a bee was disturbing Radharani by flying near her. Krishna requested a friend to chase the bee away, and after finishing the task the friend came back proclaiming that madhu was gone. As madhu is a name for both a bee and Krishna, Radharani took the name as meaning Krishna and she began to cry, thinking Krishna was gone. Seeing Radharani cry, Krishna also began to cry, and their tears mingled together and became the kund known as Prema Sarovara. This place is a few km from Varsana.

At Saket, midway between Varsana and Nandagram, the nighttime pastimes between Krishna and the gopis take place. Radha and Krishna first met here. There is a temple here of Yogamaya. Her temple is here because she arranges the meetings between Radha and Krishna.

Uddhava Kyari is where Uddhava met the gopis when he was sent by Krishna to pacify them. This place is close to Nandagram.