Chapora is a friendly village, 10km west of Mapusa, just half a km north of Vagator. It is located on the south bank of the Chapora River. It is a pleasant place to stay and is an easy place to meet fellow travelers. If you sit down at a fruit juice stand or restaurant, it is quite normal to strike up a conversation with whoever else is there as if you have known them for years. It is the kind of place you think you will visit for a few days and which you wind up staying for a few months.

Only basic accommodations are available in Chapora, and there are not many places. Most travelers stay in rented houses around the village. There are a few good vegetable and fruit stands and a good general store. If you are staying in Vagator for awhile, you will almost certainly have to come here for supplies.

There is no beach in Chapora, but the beaches in Vagator are just a half-km south. To get to the beach, you can take a motorcycle taxi. You can also walk to the west end of town and up the hill to the main road in Vagator. You then take a right to get to the beach. It is a pleasant walk.

Across the river, north of Chapora, is the secluded Morjim Beach, which goes for kilometres. If you go to the west end of the village and make a right to the fishing boat area, you can hire a boat to take you to Morjim.

Portuguese Fort
There is a Portuguese fort in Chapora which was built in 1617 over a previous Muslim structure. It was deserted in the 19th century and there is nothing left of the fort except the walls. It is a fairly hard climb xe “Chapora” uphill to see the fort, but the views from the fort’s walls are fantastic.

Where to Stay
Most people stay in rented private houses in the area. You can ask at the restaurants, such as Green Shadow or the Baba Restaurant, about available rooms in people’s homes.
If you plan to stay during the high season, it is best to first stay in Calangute or Baga, then come here during the day to find a place to stay. You may have to wait a few days for a vacancy. It can be difficult to find a room in a guest house as many people live here on extended stays.