Hotels in Vrindavan

Maheswari Ashram (442-043) is a recommended place, about a ten-minute walk from the ISKCON Temple. Basic rooms with bath, and there are rooms in the new building that have small kitchen areas. It is a popular place and will definitely be full during festival times.

Denuka, near the ISKCON temple, is a newly built place with good rooms with hot water. It is a recommended place, but will usually be full during festival seasons and Kartika.

Santi Ashram (442-227) is a decent place, right next to the ISKCON property on the backside.

Fogal Ashram (442-319), a third of the way downtown from the ISKCON temple, is a large place that has very basic rooms with bath. For location and quality this is not a very good choice, but because of its size a room is usually available, even when Vrindavan is very crowded and everything else is full.

Govinda Bihar, down a side road across the street from Fogal Ashram, has good rooms. It has also A/C rooms.

Temple & Garden (also called Temple Gardens) (442-225) is a nice place that has big rooms with a little kitchen area. It is a suggested place in a quiet area, but it is a little hard to find. The easiest way to get here is to have a rickshaw driver bring you.

ISKCON Guest House (442-478) is one of the best place to stay in town. There are more expensive rooms, which are more likely to be available, some with hot water and an air-cooler. It is often full, so it is best to book a room in advance. Even then, during the festival times and during Kartika (Oct/Nov), you most likely will not get a room here.

Chintamani Kunj (442-503) is a five-minute walk from the ISKCON Temple on Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg, going away from the downtown. It has good rooms. Recommended.

On the other side of the street is the nearby Citrakut Dhama (442-729), which has basic rooms.

MVT Guest House (443-400) is a newly built place with spotless, modern rooms with bath, hot water and a kitchen or an A/C room. It is located behind the ISKCON Temple, in a peaceful location. It is one of the best places in town and is recommended. They may offer discounts during the off-seasons.

Agrasen (NRI/Indians-only)
Ananda Krishna Van
Bai Baba
Chintamani Kunj
Dhanuka Ashram
Fogala Ashram
Gita Mandir
Govinda Mohan (Loi Bazaar)
Maheswari Ashram
MVT near ISKCON temple
“Pepsi building”, Madhuvan colony
Radheshaym Ashram
Radheshyam Palace
Sadhana Kunj
Savitri Seva Sadan
Savitri Yoga Ashram
Sri Krishna Niwas
Sri Ram Saranam
Sriji Dham
Sriji Palace
Srila Prabhupada’s Charitable Trust
Temple Gardens