Mandi – Himachal Pradesh

Mandi, located at the junction of the Kullu and Kangra valleys at around 750m, is a nice place to stop on the way to the Kullu Valley. There are around 80 temples and an old palace in Mandi. It has good accommodation.
The Siva-ratri Festival held here in Feb/March is interesting. Deities from the surrounding area are taken on a procession on carts and palanquins. During the week of the festival there are music and dance performances.

Orientation and Information
The main shopping area in Mandi is Indira Market Square. There are several hotels and places to eat in or near the square. The bus station is located across the river in the newer east side of the town. It is about a 15-minute walk from the square.
The Bank of Baroda does cash advance on MasterCard and Visa cards. Evening Plaza Hotel, main square, changes money.

Tarna Hill and Temples
On top of Tarna Hill is Rani Amrit Kaur Park, which was opened by the Dalai Lama in 1957. There are some great views from on top of the hill and it is a nice place to spend some time. There are some 15th to 17th centuries Nagari-style temples on the hill including the 17th century Syama Kali Temple in the park.

The Triloknath Siva Temple (1520) is built in the Nagari style.