Nagalapuram and Bhadrachalam

In the Veda Narayana Temple here, the presiding Deity is Lord Matsya. This temple is reputed to be the only Matsya temple in India. The Deity has the head and torso of Lord Vishnu and golden humanlike feet, but the priest can move the golden feet aside to expose the Lord’s fish tail.

Bhadrachalam is located on the bank of the Godavari River, 180km due west of Visakhapatnam. The important Sri Rama Temple is located here. The main Deity is the four-armed form of Lord Rama called Chaturbhuja Rama. This is where Rama and Sita are said to have lived before Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. It is also said that the temple is located near the point where Rama crossed the Godavari on his journey to Lanka to find Sita. At that time, a sage named Bhadra lived here, and Lord Rama came just to give him darshan. This temple is named Bhadrachalam after this sage.