Ranchorji Temple in Dakor

This is Gujarat’s most beloved Krishna Deity. Ranchor is the name given to Lord Krishna when he fled from the battlefield in Mathura while fighting against Jarasandha and his army. Ranchor means “one who gives up the battlefield.” This Deity was installed and worshiped in Dwarka up to 800 years ago. The present temple was built in 1772.

The Deity of Sri Ranchorji is similar to the Deity of Dwarkadish in Dwarka, both being made from black stone. Devotees are allowed to touch the feet of the Deity. Every full moon day a large number of devotees come to this temple. There is a big festival on Sharad Purnim, the full-moon day of the Sharad season (Sept-Oct).

After the death of Kamsa, Mathura was besieged by the soldiers of Kalayavana and Jarasandha. At that time, Krishna fled from the city. Thus he is known as Ranchor. In order to prevent a further massacre of soldiers and to attend to other business, Lord Krishna left the battlefield. Ranchorji did not leave out of fear, but to fulfill another purpose—to attend to a confidential letter sent by Rukmini, his future wife.

Krishna’s leaving the battlefield was a display of one of his six opulences. Krishna is the supreme powerful, the supreme wealthy, the supreme famous, the supreme wise, the supreme beautiful, and the supreme renunciate. His leaving the battlefield is an example of his supermost opulence of renunciation.

Mangala-arati is held every morning at 6:45 am. Ranchorji is dressed and decorated in public. The temple is closed in the early afternoon. Ranchorji is especially fond of moga laddus. Saffron-flavored milk is offered in the morning.

There are direct buses from either Ahmedabad (2 hr) or Vadodara (2 hr). Dakor is located 50km north of Vadodara and 50km southeast of Ahmedabad.