Rewalsar Lake

Rewalsar Lake, 25km southeast of Mandi, is a beautiful, peaceful place located well up into the hills. This place is considered holy by the Buddhist because Padmasambhava started from here on his journey to Tibet. Many Buddhist come here each year right after the Tibetan New Year (Feb/March).

It is said that Padmasambhava wanted to instruct the daughter of the local Hindu king. The king didn’t like this and had Padmasambhava burned. The monk then revealed himself as a lotus flower in water. The king then let his daughter be instructed by Padmasambhava, who later went and introduced Buddhism to Tibet. It is said that his footprints are embedded in one of the caves in the hills.

This place is holy to Hindus, because it is said the Lomas Rishi did austerities here to please Lord Siva. In return Siva gave him seven lakes in the area, including Rewalsar Lake. The water of the Ganges and Yamuna are said to have formed these lakes. There are three temples here dedicated to Lord Krishna, Lord Siva and Lomas Rishi.

Located here are the Drikung Kagyud Gompa and also the Tso-Pema Ogyen Heru-kai Nyingmapa Gompa, which has a museum and some nice murals. The monasteries here are part of the Nyingpa sect.

The large Sikh Guru Govind Singh Gurudwara built in 1930 is dedicated to Govind Singh, who spent a month at Rewalsar Lake.

There is a sanctuary here where deer and Himalayan black bear are protected.

The Pandoh Dam, 2km north of the village of Pandoh, is an impressivedam.

The Hindu Hongi Temple is eight km north of Pandoh.