Sarkhej – Gujarat

Located in Sarkhej, 10km southwest of Ahmedabad, is the Tomb of Sheikh Ahmed Khattu Ganj Buksh (1455), the spiritual teacher and advisor of Ahmed Shah, founder of Ahmedabad. Located on the bank of an artificial lake, it is the largest mausoleum in Gujarat. It has a huge central dome and excellent marble, wood, and brass work. There are mosques and other mausoleums in the area.

The Mausoleum of Muhammad Shah (1457) is also here. Many of the buildings are constructed in a purely Hindu style, unlike many of the old buildings in Ahmedabad.

The Mausoleum of Sultan Muhammed Beghada and his wife Rajabai (1511) are also interesting. Sultan Beghada built palaces, gardens, and fountains in this place in the 16th century, and at one time Sarkhej was opulent. It is still a nice place to visit. Bus # 31 from the Lal Darwaja bus stand in Ahmedabad comes here.