Sri Krishna’s prakata-lila (5000 years ago)

When the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Sri Krishna descends to earth for performing His transcendental pastimes, He brings with Him His own eternal abode known as Goloka Vrindavana, along with His most intimate associates, friends, servants, and various other transcendental paraphernalia. Just like a King who goes to another country takes with him his personal friends, family members, ministers and secretaries, as part of his royal retinue.

The Lord’s trancendental abode which is also known as the dhama, is non-different from the Lord’s eternal abode in the spiritual world, in fact it is an exact replica. By mundane material vision the dhama may appear like any other place on earth, but to the pure devotees and perfect yogis, the dhama is a completely spiritual abode saturated with its own transcendentaly surcharged atmosphere.

Statements about Vrindavana

It is understood that city of Mathura (and the whole of Brajabhumi) is the transcendental abode of Lord Krishna. It is not an ordinary material city, for it is eternally connected with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Vrindavana is within the jurisdiction of Mathura. Because Mathura and Vrindavana are intimately connected with Krishna eternally, it is said that Lord Krishna never leaves Vrindavana, as established by Sanatan Gosvami in Vaishnava-toshani. Rupa Gosvami in Laghu-bhagavatamrita and then by Jiva Gosvami in Krishna Sandarbha and Gopala Champu. Anyone who goes there becomes transcendentally purified.

“We must understand the transcendental importance of Mathura, Vrindavana and Navadvipa dhamas. Anyone who executes devotional service in these places certainly goes back home, back to Godhead after giving up his body.

“Whenever the Supreme Personality appears, He appears in Mathura because of His intimate connection with this place. Therefore, although Mathura and Vrindavana are situated on this planet earth, they are transcendental abodes of the Lord.” (Srimad Bhagavatam 10.1.28, purport)

“The ideal place to execute Krishna consciousness is Braja-bhumi, or Vrindavana, where the people are naturally inclined to love Krishna and Krishna is naturally inclined to love them.” (Caitanya Caritamrita, Madhya-lila 4.95)