Terekhol is north of Arambol and is the northernmost point in Goa. You get here by getting the ferry (every 30 min, 5 min trip) at Querim, 42km from Panaji. There is an old fort in the village, which contains the Chapel of St Anthony. The chapel is usually locked except during guided tours. You can stop on the way at Querim Beach, which is usually deserted.

Practical Information
Most people come here by motorbike or taxi. The nearest petrol station is in Arambol. A GTDC tour comes daily from Panaji. One Kadamba bus a day comes here from Panaji.  You can also catch a bus from Mapusa or Arambol to Querim, on the south side of the river. To get to Terekhol, cross the river at Querim on the ferry that runs every half-hour between 6 am and 10 pm.

The only place to stay here is the Hotel Tirakhol Fort Heritage. The hotel has basic, windowless rooms and other rooms with bath to a comfortable luxury suite with a view of the ocean. The honeymoon suite has a great view south along the coast. The restaurant here serves Indian and Chinese food.