Vagator, like Anjuna, is a relaxed, fairly undeveloped place. It has an excellent, hassle-free, mood. If you want to have a good time on the beach and want to party to the max, this is definitely the place to go. It is a really nice place, but if you consider yourself conservative, it is probably better to go to another beach.

Located here is Big Vagator beach to the north, a fairly long, wide, white-sand beach. Not many foreign tourists go to this beach, and in the afternoon Indian tourists invade it. Little Vagator beach (also called Ozran or Little Israel) is to the south. To get to this beach, you have to walk about a minute down a steep cliff. It is actually two beaches divided by a headway (rocks going out into the sea). The more northern beach of the two is smaller and more crowded. The south beach is fairly spread out and more secluded. It is a beautiful beach. This beach is mainly used by the young, hip, budget crowd with time on their hands who are in no hurry to go anywhere. Topless bathing is the norm on this beach, and no one seems to care.

Vagator consists of about ten hotels, twenty restaurants, and shops spread out over a few km. There are some houses (much less than the actual demand) here rented out to long-staying travelers. It can be difficult to find a place to stay, and if you come during the high-season, you will probably have to stay in Calangute or Baga for a few days while you wait for a vacancy.

Where to Stay
It is hard to find a room during the high season, and you may have to settle for whatever you can get until a vacancy opens up. Many people rent houses for longer stays.