Warangal, 150km northeast of Hyderabad, was the capital of the Hindu Kakatiya dynasty. They ruled a good part of present Andhra Pradesh from the 12th to the beginning of the 14th centuries, at which time they were defeated by the Muslim Tughlaqs of Delhi. This place can be visited on a long day trip from Hyderabad.

Fort and Chalukyan Temples
There is an interesting fort located here. An interesting temple is the Swayambhu Temple (1162), which was originally dedicated to Lord Siva. Over the years much of the temple has been defaced. There is a 14th century Siva temple nearby. There is also the 11th century Shirab Khan, the Audience Hall.

The Chalukyan-style Thousand Pillared Temple (1162) is at the base of Hanamkonda Hills, 5km north of the fort. It has three shrines dedicated to Vishnu, Siva and Surya. It has some excellent sculptures on it and some intricately carved pillars. There is the Bhadrakali Temple on top of the hill.